Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making Changes: Easier Said...

Since M was born, I haven't blogged much. My blogging break was partly due to having little time to blog, and partly due to not wanting to blog. On my days off, I sing silly songs, make animal noises, jam to inappropriate music while on stroller walks (Lil Wayne and I will have to take a break when M learns to talk), swing at the park, make Monkey Madison food, and collapse into a nap time heap with my daughter. I like those days best.

Adding a baby to our household has meant that we have to change our habits. We play more. We work less. We plan our time around our baby. We spend our money in different ways. Becoming a frugal family while I was on maternity leave seemed easy, but we weren't growing out of our clothes, using large quantities of diapers, and needing new gadgets. We could simply do without. While I don't feel that we have gone overboard with baby things, I do feel that we could have done without certain baby items.

1. We would not have bought a co-sleeper. While it was nice to be able to scoop our every-three-hour-eater right into my arms, we found that we woke each other up, had a harder time transitioning into a crib, and packed the sleeper away after only 3 months of occasional use. That does not scream frugal.

2. We would have returned some gifted clothing. This sounds harsh, but even a newborn baby does not need 30 newborn, short sleeved onesies--in November. Even if she had worn a new one each day, she would have grown out of them before getting through each one! As new parents, we were so grateful that our friends, neighbors, and family were so generous. Now, we know that the money in our savings account doesn't grow as fast as our baby.

3. We would not have bought such an array of baby seats, swings, and bouncers. While our daughters Brown Cow Fisher Price Bouncer has served her very, very well, her matching swing has barely been used. Her tented baby seat has also barely held a baby. We went gadget-crazy. Not frugal.

Did you purchase baby gadgets that seemed like a great idea at the time, but turned out to be an unnecessary expense? What did you do with those items?